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Hope for Kids with Cancer

Research to Help Kids Beat Cancer!


Let’s do better for kids with cancer. Let’s beat how we treat it. It’s time we improve upon decades-old, highly toxic, often ineffective treatments. Together, this is a fight we must win. FIGHT WITH US!

What we do

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Cures aren’t free. New treatments don’t grow on trees. The reality is, the change we so need requires funding. Right now, innovative leading pediatric oncology researchers across the country are working to bring hope to kids and families in this fight, and we’re helping provide the funding to keep that research going. How badly is this research needed? Well, here’s a stat for you: since 1980, 6 drugs have been specifically created for fighting childhood cancer, while in that same time period hundreds have been made for fighting cancer in adults. We’re determined to make that stat history!

Did you know that the average cost per child including lost wages, is $833,000? Hearing the words “your child has cancer” is difficult enough, but it’s only the beginning of the overall challenges that come with fighting cancer. The financial burden itself is often overwhelming for families suddenly dealing with the biggest and scariest challenge of their lives.  We know, we’ve been there. That’s why we offer direct financial support to families fighting this battle. Support for groceries. Gas to get to and from the hospital. Traveling for special care. We are committed to helping cover costs for families so they can focus on what matters: their family.

These are our kids, and we will do everything in our power to continue to let them be kids. This is why we work hard to bring smiles to them during these trying times. Being in a hospital so much is hard for an adult, let alone a child. Anxiety. Isolation. Depression. Boredom. We continually search for ways we can ease these conditions, from in-person activities to virtual visits to even donating video game consoles to hospitals and clinics. We work hard to stop cancer from robbing kids of their childhood.

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Jake is a sweet and very funny gentle boy. He is loving, still holds my hand, hugs me, and tells me that he loves me every day. He’s a lover of history, the military and gaming. He enjoys imaginary play and making people laugh.

Marisel Jarrin Kleppen

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