These are the faces of childhood cancer – our HEROES. They are the reason we speak up, the reason we battle, the reason we will not rest until there is a cure for all childhood cancers.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~Christopher Reeve

Sebastian Ortiz

Alex T. Meeker

Logan Crills

Allison (Alli) Daye Hoy

Alyssa Shirey

Andrew Barger Jones

Anthony Brandon Reyes

Aubrey Leet

Axel Michael Timmons

Bentley Blythe

Beth Borens

Bobby Rogers

Brenna Jones

Caeleb Nicholas

Caitlyn Jackson

Cameron Eugene Garland

Max Birmingham

Chip Smith

Christian Connelly

Connor Albert “Captain Connor”


Dan Cimmino

Dominic Liples

Elliott Dugdale

Elliott Fernandez

Emma Elizabeth

Eva Pombo

Fidel Nicholas Gallegos Jr

Gracie Rae

Jack Hussey

Jacob Paul Baker

James Lodato

Jedidiah Woomer

Jess Fairclough

Jonathan Charre

Jordan DeMaske

Josefin Insulander

Kiefer Van Crosby

Kristina Marie Corcoran

Kyle Miller

Leah Rose Stephenson

Liyan Daniyal Brown

Luke Granger

Macen Clay

Maiysn Spencer

Marc Owens

Caitlan Ordaz

Alessio Gunn

Mia Francesca Stacey Keene

Michael Anthony Young

Michael Doyle

Nick Cecchi

Oliver George Feldman

Orion Strong

Rebecca Gardner

Sara Pironi

Tanner James Gillen

Thomas Michael Lipani

Virginia Rose (Ginny)

Dorian James Murray

Ryan Thomas Tierney

Aleem Binder

Abbie Catherine Waters

William Laing

Andrew Gatto

Kyle Ashley

Chad Young


Wesley Wyatt Roebuck

Will Sompayrac

James Alexander Edmonds

Rhys Thomas Pagalday

Ethan Fox

Nicky Sorbelli

Serenity Norris

Robby Morton

Tristin Anthony Calkins

Amber Caitlyn Richardson

Ainsley Rose Kargela

Juliet Shippee

Theo Huff

Caitlin Emma Arce

Summer Michelle Hammond

Abby Jane Allport