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There are four pillars in the fight against childhood cancer: awareness,
advocacy, family resources, & research. All are critical and interconnected.
At SebastianStrong, we have chosen to focus our efforts on research. We have
seen how investment in new treatments has yielded amazing results in adult
cancer treatment and diagnostics. Since 1980, prostate cancer 5-year survival
rates have improved from 70.2% to 99.3% in 2009. For breast cancer, the 5-
year survival rates over that same time frame have gone from 74.9% to 91.3%.
There is a direct correlation between the increased investments and the
improvement in results. Research is a complex and expensive process but it
is where we feel our efforts will make the biggest impact. We recognize this is
going to take significant time and effort, but believe that through those efforts
and the contributions of our supporters, we will collectively find a cure
for childhood cancers in our lifetime.

Lastly, SebastianStrong has no paid employees or contractors. The only
expenses the foundation has incurred to date are related to technology
associated costs & fees tied to credit card donations. That amounts to less than
5% of the total donations received thus far. We are committed to maintaining
our expenses low so that we can invest more in finding cures.